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PLEASE, The file name of your jpegs, before uploading, must include Your First Intitial and Last name as well as the Title of the work. Example: (JSmith_ArtTitle.jpeg or JSmith_ArtTitle.jpg). Any jpegs files not named as specified above will be deleted.

Please DON'T include extra periods, commas, apostrophes, colons or other special characters in the naming. Adding any special characters other than underscores will not allow the form to submit. Thank You!

All .jpgs have a max file size of 2MB at 300DPI.

Submission to this competition at the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art shall constitute an agreement to comply with all conditions set forth in this call for entries.
By clicking SUBMIT you agree to the following terms: I have read the terms and conditions of this entry and am 18 years of age as of the date of this entry.
The Juror and decision to accept or decline your entries is final. The museum reserves the right to disqualify any accepted entries for any reason.
I waive any claim against the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCA, Inc., The Juror, and any or all subcontractors for any loss or damage that may occur to my accepted artwork. I give permission to the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art to use photos of my work for publicity and/or educational purposes.
You, the Artist and or the Gallery representing you, are responsible for shipping expenses both to and from the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art. Please provide a return, paid, shipping label in the packaging of your accepted works before shipping.
Sales; If your work is for sale and should sell from the time this work is entered into this agreement to the end of this exhibit, then the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art will retain a 35% commission fee from said sale. The artwork sold will remain in the exhibit until the end of the exhibit. Within 30 days from the end of the exhibit, the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art will issue and mail a check to the artist for their 65% of the sale collected. The museum will not split commissions with any gallery you as the artist may be affiliated with or under contract with. This contract supersedes any prior financial commitments you the artist may have entered into with any third party.